Rare Antique Carved
  1. Rare Antique 48 Black Forest Ibex Stick Hat Stand Swiss Wood Carving Sculpture
  2. Tobacco Pipe Of Blackwood With Rare Hand Carved Straight Design Of Early 20th Century
  3. Antique Pair Of Solid Silver Arabic Islamic Rare Candlestick Candelabra
  4. Rare Carved Early Robert Thompson The Mouseman Book Stand Book Holder Missal
  5. Rare Antique 18th Century Hand Carved Wood Chair with Brass Studded Leather Seat
  6. Rare Hand-carved Smalltable Sculpture Buddhist Soap Stone Ancient
  7. RARE Antique BLACK FOREST wood carved mermaids putti caryatid clock German
  8. Rare 19th Century Carved Walnut And Mahogany Buttonback Sofa
  9. RARE Hand Crafted Wood CHESS Set Modern Carved Figures, American Arts Crafts BIN
  10. 1920s RARE Antique Tenor banjo Hand Carved Lion Heel Beautiful
  11. Antique Rare PIRATE Wooden NUTCRACKER Screw-type Hand Carved Late 19th Century
  12. Antique Chinese Archaic Jade Carved Mythical Beast Figure RARE
  13. Large Ancient Roman Carved Stone Ram finest work, a sweet, Rare find
  14. Rare 19th Century French Embroidered Armchair Ornately Carved Frame High Back
  15. Rare antique hand carved wood indigenous Mexican dance ceremonial mask sculpture
  16. Antique Oak Carved Griffin Newell Post 1870s
  17. RARE Collectibles Set of 6 Carved Chinese Jade Spoons Set Sterling Silver 925
  18. Rare Antique hand carved Christ, crucifix 18th century
  19. Very Large Antique marble Top Dining Table With Carved mahogany Base Very Rare
  20. Rare Set Of Six Gothic Revival Ornately Carved Walnut Gilt Metal Fittings Chairs
  21. Rare Pair Of Thomas Chippendale Period 1760 Embroidered Chairs Ornately Carved
  22. Rare Vintage Carved Wooden Ganesha South Indian Statue Sculpture Wall Panel
  23. Rare Antique Victorian Carved Agate Cameo Ring
  24. Antique C. 1920 18k Yellow Gold Carved Rose Angelskin Coral Brooch/Pin Rare
  25. Rare Antique Germany 1930 black forest ceiling lamp wood carved Lüstermännchen
  26. Rare Extra large Goat Carved oak Bracket Clock Case
  27. Rare Huge Egyptian Winged Isis For Protection Hand Carved Statue Antique Egypt
  28. RARE Antique Vintage Style Art Deco Carved Shell Cameo Fully Hallmarked ITALY
  29. Magnificent Faberge Rare Russian Hardstone Jadeite Carved Rabbit Gold Ruby Eyes
  30. RARE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTIQUE SCARAB Carved Stone 1798-1569 BC (4)
  31. RARE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTIQUE SCARAB Carved Stone 1798-1569 BC (5)
  32. Spectacular Rare Antique Black Forest Hand Carved Picture Frames With Cherubs
  33. Imposante Unicorn wood sculpture carved Antique 1900 German Black Forest RARE
  34. Rare Antique Black Forest Carved Wood & Antlers Ceiling Fixture, Chandelier
  35. Antique Rare Pair of Super Nice Opaque Jade Green Elephants Hand Carved
  36. Rare, Schoenhut jointed wood CARVED BRAIDED HAIR doll withpink bow Model # 14/102
  37. HUGE 38.5 Antique SWISS BLACK forest Wood carved wall panel hunt trophy rare
  38. RARE Antique Victorian Carved Oak Cornice, Fonton PAIR, Grotesque Figures, Shell
  39. Important Chinese Jade Rare Jade Marriage Bowl With Butterfly Handles Fuzi Tianlai
  41. RARE Early Antique COLONIAL ROPE BED TIGHTENER, Hand CARVED From Wood, Hearth
  42. Authenticating Chinese Art Ancient And Archaic Nephrite Jade Carvings
  43. Rare Antique 19th Century Country Rustic Carved Pine French Dresser
  44. Rare Antique NAPOLEON III clock plant Stand pedestal wood carved brass
  45. Exceptional & Rare knight & Swan/Bird Coat of arms carved in wood
  46. Antique French Wood carved angels putti relic holder reliquary Rare
  47. Rare Antique Italian Carved Starburst Clock Gilt Wood c1950 VTG Mirror Stunning
  48. Rare Japanese carved woodblock for print, ca. 1950
  49. Antique Vintage Carved Oak Wardrobe Rare Boxer Brand
  51. Antique Jade Carved Dragon Bead Chinese Necklace Estate Lot RARE Apple Green
  52. Rare Antique 19th Century Full Size Hand Carved Maori Canoe Paddle, c 1890
  53. Rare Victorian Carved Oak Single Bed
  54. Vintage Deer Wall Shelf Black Forest Hand Carved Wood Buck Rare Numbered
  55. Pipe Collection Beware Other Colour Pics Share This Title 1955
  56. Rare Jade Burma Carved Bead Dragon 14k Necklace Antique Estate Jewelry Chinese
  57. Amazing Rocaille Rare Carved French Antique Double BED
  58. Fine Rare Italian Water Gold Gilt Carved Wood Wall Bracket Shelf Exquisite
  59. Very Rare Circa 1900 Hand Carved Chinese Export Sideboard Dragons & Serpents
  60. Rare Carved Wood Automaton Mantel Clock
  62. Pair Antique Italian Wood Hand Carved Hand Sconces Rare And Gorgeous
  63. Rare Early Antique Fh Ayres Turned Head Extra Carved Rocking Horse Circa 1880
  65. Rare Old Tribal carved Club Oceanic Polynesian Australian African middle east
  66. Rare fine antique hand carved wood Our Lady Mary Madonna statue restored in 20th
  67. Rare Pair Of Antique Oak Carved French Renaissance Style Buffet Dressers
  68. Amazing Rare Carved French Antique Double BED
  69. Neolithic carved stone rare dressed goddess Venus #6, Old Europe, 5000-10000 BC
  70. Easter Island Rapanui very rare wood carving birdman
  71. RARE German Black forest wood carved hunting trophy Barometer 1900
  72. Rare Hand Carved Solid Jade 8 Elephant Mountain
  73. Rare Antique German Black-Forest-Wood-Carving-Springerle-Cookie-MOLD, two sided
  74. Rare Box Silver 84 Emerald Rubies Carved Stone Buddha Akshobaya
  75. Vintage Black Forest Tramp Art Carved Picture Frame For 5 Photos Rare Design
  76. RARE Antique African Nupe Tribe Round Wooden Stool W Carved Bowl Nigeria, Africa
  77. Antique Flemish 1800 Wood oak carved madonna putti angels snake religious rare
  78. Superb Rare Carved Arts & Crafts Solid Oak 2 Door Hall Wardrobe 2 Man Delivery
  79. RARE PAIR Ancient Roman Hand Carved Stone Heads ANTIQUE Wonderful Sculpture
  80. Vintage Rare Chinese Green Jade Soapstone'Water Buffalo Calf Birth' Carving
  81. RARE Antique Chinese Export Silver Enameled Carved White Jade Panda Brooch/Pin
  82. Fine Rare Antique Georgian 9ct Rose Gold Carved Memento Mori Skull Pendant Charm
  83. Rare Japanese carved woodblock for print, ca. 1900 2 Peacocks
  84. Rare Antique Victorian Carved Shell Cameo Brooch Orpheus & Eurydice Mythology
  85. Beginning of 20 Century, Carved Cinnabar Laquer Ashtry Red TOP & RARE
  86. Amazing Rocaille Rare Carved French Antique Double BED
  87. Fine Old Large Rare Congo Carved Mbunda Tribal Art Mask Circa Colonial Era 1930s
  88. Asian Antiques Chinese Jade Scholar S Mountain
  89. Amazing Rocaille Rare Carved French Antique King Size BED
  90. Rare antique framed hand carved Christ, religious wall altar, crucifix
  91. Antique Carved Angel Putti Cherub Figures 19thC Rare Polychrome Italy Germany
  92. Rare Antique Hand Carved Wood King Whistler Automaton By Karl Griesbaum Project
  93. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  94. Wall Wooden Corbel Pair Bracket Vintage Peacock parrot Sculpture Home Decor rare
  95. Antique German Black Forest G H S Musical Cuckoo Clock 1800 S Rare
  96. Rare 56cm Tall 19th Century Continental Walnut Fret Carved Barometer Oriental
  97. Anyone Can Power Carve In Wood Carving A Folk Art Eagle With The Arbortech Mini Grinder
  98. Rare Antique Large German Black Forest Hand Carved Rabbit Hare Hunt Mount Plaque
  99. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  100. Rare Antique Persian Qajar Islamic Sufi Dervish Carved Coco De Mer Kashkul Bowl
  101. 18c Antique Original Islamic Rare Copper Old Incense Dhoop Burner Pot
  102. Japanese Netsuke Artworks Hand Carving Noh Mask From Japan Very Rare F/S V4
  103. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  105. Stunning Antique Heavily Carved GRAND LONGCASE clock Taylor Whitehaven Rare
  106. A Heavy Chinese Jade Bangle Ming Dynasty. A Museum Quality. Rare
  107. French Rare Antique Carved Wood Figural Mascaron Wall Salt Box Folk Art
  108. Antique 18th Century Mosley Peniston Carved Oak Grandfather Clock 208 CM
  109. Rare 18thC CHinese finely carved zitan silver wired wood covered box on stand
  110. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Table Cupboard Cabinet With Marble Top
  111. RARE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTIQUE SCARAB Carved Stone 1798-1569 BC (9)
  112. Antique Rare Chinese Anglo Indian Highly Decorative Carved Ornate Shrine Cabinet
  113. X Large Front Door Period Reclaimed Regency Carved Antique Grand Rare Georgian
  114. Rare Antique 19th C Japanese Shibayama Carved & Gilded Panel With 2 Cranes Inlay
  115. African tribal art rare old Southern African Carved adze zulu
  116. Nice Valued Rare Very Old Hopi Hand Carved Veggie Colored Hair Wood Kachina 11
  117. Antique j b coats 2 drawer spool cabinet column sides rare carved front
  118. Rare Large Antique Dyak Tribal Carved Horse Skull /Jaw, Amazing Decoration, c1900
  119. Rare And Impressive Giant Antique Art Nouveau Carved Wooden Egg Timer
  120. Rare Antique 4 Foot Romantic Carved Musical Trumpeter Clock Circa 1890
  121. Rare! Vintage Antique Chinese Longevity Carved Jade Jadeite Beads Necklace 36
  122. French Rare Antique Black Forest Carved Wood Notebook Card
  123. Rare Antique Victorian Black Forest Articulated Brown Bear Carved Wood Puppet
  124. Rare Irish dresser with hand-carved Celtic fretwork
  125. Schoenhut First Period Wood Carved Lamb Original Paint Glass Eyes Rare AAFA
  126. Rare Circa 1880 Burmese Solid Rosewood Hand Carved Floral Chair High Back Ornate
  127. Rare Antique Victorian Carved Mother Of Pearl Chantilly Figural Horse Race Fan
  128. Rare Mouseman carved oak ashtray mouse Robert Thompson 10 x 7.5cm
  129. Antique Victorian Skull / Momento Mori. Rare Carved Lava. 1875
  130. Super Rare DEBORAH D. BUMP Vintage Signed Carved Wood Trinket Box Sculpture
  131. Rare Antique French Wood carved putti bible stand lectern religious church XIX
  132. VERY RARE Antique 6 Hand Carved Asian Stone Seated Naked Buddha Figure Statue
  133. Rare Antique Edwardian 10k Gold Carved Cameo Bloodstone Signet Ring! Sz 2 1/2
  134. Rare Antique Victorian Hand Carved Whitby Jet Gem Wide Black Stones Hair Comb
  135. Chair fine rare 19thc Burmese carved single piece c1880
  136. Rare Antique F Kroeber Cabinet 58 Carved Parlor Clock Flower Basket
  137. Rare Carved Chinese Dragon White Jade Top Cloisonne Enamel Humidor Jar Box
  138. Rare Large Antique French Carved Oak Hunting Panel Game Birds / Rabbit C1880
  139. 47 Rare Large Fine Antique Hand Carved Wood Patron Saint St John Apostle Statue
  140. Rare Medieval Antique Carved Limestone Sculpture of a Knight's Head Life-size
  141. Antique BLACK FOREST wood carved rare inkwell birds couple animal
  142. French Rare Large Hand Carved Wood Wall Panel of Horses Chariot
  143. Very Rare Baroque Wood carved Cross with 3 Angel Heads Gilded Polychrome 1710
  144. Primitive Hand Carved Wooden Cup Forks Spoons & Necklace Tribal Lot RARE
  145. Antique Old Folk Art Butter Mold Wood Press Carved Rooster Rare
  146. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  147. Fine Rare Antique Chinese 18th Filigree Carved Peacock Peach Scenes Brise Fan
  148. Very Rare Lego Wooden Toys
  149. Vtg Old Wood Nutcracker Old Woman Hand Carved Rare Full Figure
  150. Very Fine & Rare Antique 18th Century Treen Fruitwood Carving Of An Injured Bird
  151. Rare Antique 18th Carved Deep Red Coral Brooch Woman and Cupid Gold pin
  152. Unique Chinese Well Carved Monochrome Porcelain Vase Marked Qianlong Rare I9393
  153. Rare antique hand carved wood Folk Art figural fish pedal walking stick cane
  154. Rare Old Antique Naga Konyak Head Hunter Carved Bone Beads Ceremonial Necklace
  155. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  156. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  157. Rare Antique Hand Carved Alabaster Peacock Glass Eyes Art Deco Lamp 18
  158. BEST GIANT RARE Chinese EXPORT CARVED Lacquer wood FRAME QING export vase plate
  159. Rare 19th Century Sino Tibetan Snuff Bottle Carved Yak Bone, Coral, Turquoise, gems
  160. Extremely Rare Celtic Carved Stone Totem Head Head Hunting Cult
  161. Rare Antique Black FOREST wood carved crucifix meerschaum holy water font
  162. Antique Black Forest Carved Head Of A Roaring Roe Buck Rare Design
  163. Rare Antique Medieval Bronze Signet Ring With Hand-carved Cross
  164. Rare And Beautifully Carved Antique Shibayama Mushroom
  165. A Rare Dresser, Bookcase TV, sound Carved is solid Walnut CIRCA 1900 (HS138)
  166. Rare Victorian Carved Oak Single Bed
  167. Amazing Rare Carved Rocaille French Antique Double Bed
  168. RARE Antique Art Deco HEAVY sterling silver Carved Shell Cameo men's ring sz 10
  169. Antique TENGU Japanese wood carved Noh Mask kyogen Kabuki Rare Antique Mayoke
  170. Vintage African Elephant Head Hand Carved Wooden Bone Inlaid Very Decorative Artwork
  171. RARE Orig. Antique Hand Carved Wooden Odd Fellows Lodge Items, Hyde Park, Mass
  172. RARE Antique French wood carved oil panel painting Wall apothecary cabinet 19thc
  173. Rare Antique Grand Tour Carved Marble Stone Paperweight depicting PETRARCHA
  174. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  176. Rare c1900 Antique Japanese Carved Wood Owl Wall Display Shelf Bracket 15.5Tall
  177. Amazing Rocaille Rare Carved French Antique Double BED
  178. Rare Large Old Chinese Fine Carving Ink Stick Ink Slab Mark
  179. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  180. Rare Japanese carved woodblock for print, ca. 1900 2 Peacocks
  181. Pair of Stunning and Rare 18th Century Baroque Carved Wood Flames
  182. Antique Asian Japan Carved Beaded Bracelet Bone Ivory Color Nicely Detailed Rare
  183. Chinese Carved Rose Wood Jewelry box Inlaid White Jade Plaque/pendant, Very Rare
  184. Antique Wooden Carved Medival Soldier Knight Mason Doll With Metal Armour Rare
  185. Rare Ancient Syro Tel Brak Stone Carved All Seeing Eye Idol 5000bce
  186. Antique Victorian Rare Beautidful Vulcanite Carved Cross Chain Mourning Necklace
  187. Rare Mid 1800s Primitive / Folk Art Carved Wood Horse Children's Toy Americana
  188. Rare Antique Anri 14 Pair Of Wood Carved Moor Candlestick Candle Holder Statue
  189. Rare Early Victorian Irish Hand Carved Gilt Combination Erin Go Bragh Wax Seal
  190. Rare 18th Century Carved Stained Sailors Scrimshaw Gambling Dice Georgian
  191. RARE Antique Vintage Style Art Deco Carved Shell Cameo Fully Hallmarked ITALY
  192. Chess Set Jade Genuine Hand Carved Antique Vintage Complete Collectors Rare
  193. Vintage Antique Hand Carved Chinese Asian CHESS SET RARE
  194. Antique Arts & Crafts Carved Oak Wardrobe Rare Cupboard Cabinet Edwardian
  195. Rare Chinese Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Covered Box with Horses 18th Century
  196. Rare Antique Large Black Forest Jakob Abplanalp Jewelry Box Swiss Wood Carving
  197. Rare Vintage Chinese Shou Carved Cinnabar Imbedded Cloisonne Lacquer necklace
  198. Large Art Deco Sculpture Marble Alabaster 1920 Carved 20 Inches Rare
  199. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  200. Rare Large Old Chinese Carving Golden Dragons Ink Stick JiaQing Mark
  201. Antique Black forest wood carved dragon Griffin gothic castle clock rare
  202. A Rare Late 14th / Early 15th Century Islamic Carved Pottery Tile
  203. Rare Antique Black Forest Carved Wood Figural Grotesque Nut Cracker 1880 Creepy
  204. Rare 18th C. Pair of Spanish Mary&Joseph Saint Carved Wood Nativity Figures/Dolls
  205. Lovely Antique Carved Oak Cupboard Great Condition Rare Piece
  206. Circa 5000bce Ancient Syro Tel-brak Stone Carved All Seeing Eye Idol Rare
  207. 3.2kg Rare Large Heavy Old Chinese Three Sheeps Carving Porcelain Statue
  208. Rare Chinese Export Dragon Carved Small Folding Campaign Desk & Chair Set Childs
  209. Antique Chinese Archaic Jade Carved Bell RARE
  210. Large Solid English Oak Library Study Bookcase With Carved Lions Heads Rare Find
  211. A very rare magnificent Solid Walnut carved Antique table, pro French polished
  212. Rare Antique Black Forest Finely Hand Carved Pug Dog Ink Well with Glass Eyes
  213. Rare 18th Century Carved Stained Sailors Scrimshaw Gambling Dice Georgian
  214. How To Spot A Real Antique From A Fake
  215. Heavily Carved Antique Black Forest Shelf Cuckoo Clock
  216. Antique Chair Chinese Asian Wood Carved Dragon Lion Foo Dog Armchair Very Rare
  217. Rare Antique Genuine Carved Italian coral Bangle Bracelet gold Mounted
  218. Fine And Rare 19th Cen. Scottish Tam O'Shanter Carved Table Snuff, Tobacco Box
  219. Antique Chinese carved cinnabar lacquer Dish, Qing mark and period, VERY RARE
  220. Antique Victorian Whitby Jet Rare Shaped Choker Necklace Carved Beads Goth
  221. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  222. RARE Antique Vintage Style Art Deco Carved Shell Cameo Fully Hallmarked ITALY
  223. RARE antique clock E. N. WELCH MFG CO mantel carved gingerbread key pendulum RUNS
  224. Benin ebony wood carved figure, large, antique, rare item. Heavy, african carving, old
  225. RARE Antique Hand Carved & Painted Wood 16 Male Mallard Glass Eyed Duck Decoy
  226. Rare Carved Black Forest Regulator With Disk Music Box
  227. Antique Very Rare Victorian Carved Bovine & Coral Egg Silver & Gold Earrings
  228. Antique Rare Carved Jade Lamp, Shade, & Finial
  229. Art Deco Wood Carving String Instrument Sculpture Rare Unique Antique
  230. Rare Finely Hand Carved Antique Maritime Medical Shipping Co. Wood Office Panel
  231. Rare 19th Cenutry Anglo Indian Padauk Table Hand Carved Rosewood Lions & Flowers
  232. Rare Antique Cuckoo Clock By Johann Baptist Beha Model 311
  233. A Rare Chinese Carved Painted Lacquered Cocktail Cabinet
  234. Antique Angel Cherub Head wings Wooden Hand Carved Sculpture Statue Figure Rare
  235. Vintage EXTREMELY RARE, Folk, Art, Hand Carved Harness Racing Sulky, Rider& Horse
  236. Rare 109cm Tall Circa 1920 Original Black Forest Hand Carved Wood Watchman Lamp
  237. Rare EARLY Antique vtg French Pre WWII Chess Pieces set Box Hand Carved Lardy
  238. Antique Qing Dynasty Jadeite Phoenix Figurine Pendant Totem With Hand Carved Rosewood Zitan Stand
  239. Exceptionally Rare Sotho Carved Bovine Horn Snuff Bottle Maternity Figure Zulu
  240. Rare & Unique Antique Vintage Carved Solid Wood Round Dining Table
  241. Rare Huge Natural Jade Hand Carved Elephant Sculpture Art Work Gem
  242. Stunning Rare Find 17th Century Limed Oak Pot Kitchen Cupboard Hand Carved
  243. Rare Venetian Green Painted Italian Carved Wood Chandelier W Gilded Details
  244. Antique Black Forest Hunter Cuckoo Clock Wood Plate Movement Circa Late 1860 S
  245. Antique Wooden Carved Gold Painted Huge Victorian Carved Picture Frame / Rare
  246. RARE-Kushan-Gandhara-Black Stone Male Head Carved Ornament CA 50 BC -200 AD-2584
  247. Antique Tin Toys Banks Sweet Grass Native Carved
  248. Antique Rare Anri 11 Wooden Hand Carved Flying Angel Cherub Putto Figurine
  249. Antique/vintage Rare Gothic/Tudor Arch High Back Carved Thrones X 4 Chairs
  250. Antique Vtg Hand Carved Wood Anri Karl Kuolt Nativity Camel RARE Figure
  251. Rare Old Chinese Antique Hand Carved Celadon Green Stone Kuanyin Guanyin 30.5cm
  252. Rare Antique Black Forest (38)walnut Carved Hunt Plaque
  253. RARE LARGE Chinese Late Qing Dynasty Imperial Incised Turned Carved Bowl
  254. Rare Antique Carved Meerschaum Pipe Cased 19th C
  255. Superb Rare Vintage Mouseman Bookend/carving. M. C. Master Craftsman
  256. Rare Early 16th Century Medieval Carved Oak Gothic Tracery Door Panel c1500
  257. Rare Folk Art Primitive Hand Carved Wooden Lion c. 1880
  258. Deer Wall Shelf Black Forest Hand Carved Vintage Rare Deer Shelf
  259. Madurai Akhil Antique Store Presents A Rare Brass Carving Decorative Pot
  260. PAIR rare italian wood carved polychrome 1920 Sconces wall lights 2 arms
  261. Rare 19th Century Black Forrest Carved Hall Chair Hand Carved Hawk Bobbin Turned
  262. Very Rare Beautiful Antique Vintage Folk Art Painted Hand Carved Wooden Horse
  263. Rare Antique Chinese Groove Type Silver Sycee Ingot Collection
  264. Lrge Rare 16thC Portuguese Antique Carved Oak Ships Figurehead Depicting a Saint
  265. Antique Rare Carved Gothic Oak Victorian Original Green Leather Top Desk
  266. Brass Antique Rare Item
  267. Rare Carved Medievel Stone Battle Warrior Corble Head
  268. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  270. Terrific Rare 19c Anglo Indian Hand Carved Antique Sandalwood Box Fab Interior
  271. Antique Carved 18th Century Chinese Huanghuali Wood Stand Rare
  272. Rare Circa 1760 Fruit Wood Chair Nicely Carved Quite Small 18th Century Example
  273. Very Rare Chinese Neolithic Ancient Jade Carved Ritual Bi Large Disc 7.28
  274. Antique Large Rare Aneroid Barometer with Thermometer in Carved Solid Oak Case
  275. RARE Antique Celtic French Bretagne Quimper Wood Carved Harp
  276. Japanese Go Game Board Goban Hand Carved Wooden Legs Vintage RARE A0
  277. Rare Antique African Hand Carved Wood Cameroon Mask, Brass & Coins 1920's-30's
  278. Fine Rare ANtique Qing Dynasty Chinese Hongmu Rosewood Highly Carved Screen
  280. Rare Antique Large Black Forest Hand Carved Wood Bear Statue Sculpture
  281. Beautiful Antique Chinese /Tibetan Carved Gilt Bronze Buddha Rare
  282. Rare Early 16th Century Medieval Carved Oak Gothic Tracery Panel c1500
  283. Rare Antique Anglo Indian Kashmir Butler's Table Tray by Jubbar Khan and Son
  284. Rare Anton Sveen Hand-carved Painted Troll Couple Norway + Bonus! Near Mint
  285. Catholic Antique Rare Holy Wood carved Statue Penitential Fransican Saint Santos
  286. Antique Oriental Bird Cage Hand Carved Wood And Bamboo Color Washed Very Rare
  287. RARE Antique Vintage Style Art Deco Carved Shell Cameo Fully Hallmarked ITALY
  288. Antique Rare100%Natural Coral Hand Carved Organic Barrel Authentic Necklace Bead
  289. Antique Carved Wood Camel Stand Sculpture 19th C
  290. RARE ANTIQUE JAPANESE 3-D KASHIGATA Hand Carved Wooden Cake Mold Rabbit
  291. Vintage Ancient Chinese Porcelain Pottery Picture Ideas Of Rare Decorative Beautiful Art
  292. Antique 18k Gold Hand Carved Coral & Malachite Rose Flower Brooch/ Pin Rare
  293. Antique German Black Forest Highly Carved Cuckoo Clock 1800 S Rare
  294. Rare 17th Century Heavily Carved Box & Stand Danish Inscription, Marriage Chest
  295. Very Rare Circa 1900 Hand Carved Chinese Export Sideboard Dragons & Serpents
  296. Fine And Rare 19th Cen. Scottish Folk Legend Carved Table Snuff, Tobacco Box
  297. Rare Large Antique French Carved Oak Hunting Panel Fish / Eel C1880
  298. Unique Extremly Rare Large Georgian 18ct Gold Mounted Carved Buddha Head Pendant
  300. Rare BLACK FOREST wood carved Holy water font well Chapel porcelain plaque
  301. Rare Antique Victorian Era Black Forest Carved 9 1/4 Smoker's Stand, FOX Figure
  302. Some Of The Rarest Items Drew Has Ever Found Salvage Hunters
  303. Rare Chinese Qing Filigree Carved Hand Paint 100 Faces Figural Court Scene Fan
  304. Rare Antique French Carved Wood Wall Panel Knight France Collectible
  305. Stunning Rare Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Hand Carved Novelty Cricket Bat Pencil
  306. Antique 17c Chinese Wood Hand Carved Temple Ancestor Large Statue, Rare
  307. Nelson HMS Victory original part sailing ship on wooden base trafalgar rare
  308. Rare Male Seminole Doll with Carved Wooden Hands
  309. Fine Rare 19th century Carved Maori Canoe Bailer Oceanic Polynesian Art
  310. What Is It Worth For An Antique Victorian Cedar Carved Chiffonier Sideboard
  312. Rare, Antique Chinese 9 Ct Gold Cicada Earrings With Carved Jade & Sapphires
  313. Magnificent Pair of Rare Hand-Carved Robert Mouseman Thompson Oak Trio Bookends
  314. Carved Wooden Gypsy Vardo Wagon Panels Circa 1900 Rare Decorative Interior Item
  315. Rare Antique Walter Lampl Sterling 1930's Carved Jade Jadeite Bead Necklace
  316. 17thc French RARE Carved Wood Renaissance Gothic Statue Console Pair of Shelf
  317. Qing Dynasty Rare Taoist Deity of the Sun Hand Carved Wood Gold Gilt 19th
  318. Rare Antique Carved Carnelian Intaglio & Bronze 8 Head Wax Seal Wheel
  319. Antique French Provencal Fariniere Flour Box 1920 wood carved rare
  320. Antique Chinese Archaic Jade Carved Bell RARE
  321. Superb Rare Chinese Antique Carved Floral Wood Stand For Fish Bowl/vase/statute
  322. RARE ANSONIA MANTEL CLOCK antique carved oak gingerbread key pendulum RUNS
  323. Qing Dynasty Rare Tai Sui Taoist Deity Hard carved Solid Wood Gold Gilt 19th c
  324. Rare Antique Grand Carved Oak Fire Surround Reclaimed Period Antique Restoration
  325. Antique Chinese Pure Natural Carved Coral Huge Beads Silver Heavy Necklace RARE
  326. Rare Pair Of Antique Early Victorian Carved Shell Cameo Bangles, Goddess Victoria
  327. Vintage RARE Hand Carved Walnut Wood Kashmir India Model Boat House
  328. Chinese Antique Snuff Bottle Turquoise Carved. Beautiful and Rare
  329. Old Rare Emerald Green Hand Carved Chinese Sideboard Solid Teak Original Paint
  330. Rare WWII Anglo Indian Kashmiri Kashmir Srinagar RAF Carved Wooden Cigarette Box
  331. Antique Pharmacy Solid Wooden Hand Carved French (Paris) Bust a Very Rare Item
  332. Rare 4 18th Century Gothic Oak Carved Pew Ends Carved Scrolling Leaves
  333. Antique Rare DOOR OF HOPE Mission DOLL Oriental Carved Wood Head Early Period
  334. EXTREMELY RARE! NIGHTS TEMPLAR Medieval Stone Cross Hand Carved
  335. Antique-Rare Gothic/Tudor Arch High Back Carved Ash Throne Chair-circa 1890
  336. Large 3 Ft Heavily Carved Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Circa 1890 1900
  337. Magnificent Pair of Rare Hand-Carved Robert Mouseman Thompson Oak Trio Bookends
  338. Very Rare Carved Wooden Black Forest Bear Sliding Book Shelf. Good Condition
  339. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  340. Rare Antique Chinese Hetian Pebble Jade Carved Netsuke Buddha Sculpture Statue
  341. Antique French Fairground Carousel Pig Rare Decorative Folk Art Hand Carved
  342. Rare Chinese Antique 14k Gold Carved Coral Carnelian Iris Flower Pearl Ring
  343. XXL Antique BLACK FOREST wood carved fruits pineapple wall clock black rare
  344. Rare Antique 14K Gold Large Carved Cameo Diamond Filigree Long Dangle Earrings
  345. Rare 18th Early 19th Century Chinese Carved Sliding Top Tangram Puzzle Box
  346. RARE Antique Vintage Chinese Carved Red Cinnabar SHOU Big Bead Necklace
  347. Gothic Dragon Black forest wood carved wall clock devil head rare
  348. Rare 19th Century Antique Chinese Carved Wood and Painted Glass Palace Lantern
  349. Rare Antique Chinese Carved Peach Pit/ Hediao Nut Brooch, Mid-Qing Dynasty, 3
  350. Rare Antique Chinese Hand Carving Duan Ink Stone Marked HuangXuan
  351. RARE Antique C1890 German Black Forest MONKEY Carved Wood Nut Cracker Glass Eyes
  352. Rare Antique Islamic/persian/ottoman Carved Bronze Bell Ancient People & Writing
  353. Beautiful Rare Chinese Carved Louis XVI French Billet Doux Love Letter Holder
  354. Rare Georgian Page Turner Carved In The Form Eagle Claw & Ball Handle
  355. Coins Have Hidden Booby Traps And Secret Levers
  356. RARE Antique 18th C French Carved Wood Snake Crystal Ball Stand Halloween Wicca
  357. Antique Hand Carved bedroom suite Rare can be painted in the colour of choicev
  358. Most interesting Taoist Statue Rarely Seen Qian Gu Fu Hard Carved Wood Gold Gilt
  359. Very Rare 17th Century Walnut Spanish Chest Or Trunk Hand Carved Iron Bound Lock
  360. Incredible & Rare African Carving Woman, Baby, Two Children Almost 8' Tall
  361. Antique Chinese Jade Carved Lion RARE
  362. Carved Antique Chinese Altar Table Rb1014x Wmv
  363. Very Rare 1880 Hand Carved Folk Art Lions Head From Hunting Lodge Schloss Ambras
  364. Rare Circa 1800 Italian Hand Carved Lime Wood Statue Of Saint Anthony Of Padua
  365. Rare Antique Carved Canine Bone Scrimshaw Dice Holder & 6 Dice
  366. Very Rare Old Chinese Intricate Carved Leaf White Jade Peach Fruit Shape Jar Box
  367. Large Rare Vintage Antique Arabic Hand Made Carving Wood Backgammon & Chess
  368. Rare antique Pine Triple Carved Wardrobe (excellent Condition)
  369. Fabulous Rare Georgian 18th Century Carved Handle Quill Trimmer-wax Seal Lifter
  370. Antique Carved 18th Century Chinese Huanghuali Wood Stand Rare
  371. Rare Carved French Antique Bedside Tables Cupboards Cabinets With Marble Tops
  372. RARE French Rococo Louis Chesterfield Hand Carved 3 Piece Sofa Set
  373. Stunning Rare Large Anglo Indian/Burmese Carved Coconut P ORR & SONS (9 High)
  374. Old FAT 93G Rare ANTIQUE CHINESE Carved White HETIAN JADE BI DISK Zodiac Pendant
  375. Antique/Vintage Carved Rare Pink Jade or Rose Quartz Dragon
  376. Rare Hand Carved 18th Century Italian Walnut Cassone Trunk Chest Blanket Box
  377. Exquisite Rare large Antique rocking horse extra carved on bow rocker
  378. Ext Rare Antique Chinese Gilt Zitan Wood Carved Sino Tibetan Buddha poss Ming
  379. Rare Vintage Wood Carved Pink Flamingo Bird Figure Art
  380. Antique Hand Carved Ivory Chess Set
  381. A Hand Carved Netsuke Ivory Japanese Antique What It Is Worth
  382. Rare Chinese scholar grey jade water pebble carved as a monkey
  383. Rare Antique Gilbert Calpe Model Carved Eastlake Style Parlor Shelf Mantle Clock
  384. Unusual Coffee Table Side Retro Vintage Metal Industrial Collectible Unique Rare
  385. Antique Rare Chinese Hard Stone Jade Lotus Flower Carved Bowl with Wood Stand
  386. Italian Carved Demi Lune Table & Mirror ANTIQUE RARE
  387. 16-420 RARE Japanese Carving WOODBLOCK of Woodblock print book SOBUN
  388. Ebay Auction Results Of Chinese Antique Porcelain Bamboo And Japanese Bronzes On Ebay Last Week
  389. Rare Hand Carved English Oak Knee Hole Pedestal Desk Victorian 1870 Green Man
  390. 43 70 Carat Rare Carving Big Size South Sea Pearl Certificate Number Ak0507180186
  391. Rare Italian Renaissance Hand Carved Walnut Chair / Bench Seat Cherubs Dragons
  392. 17/18 Century European Carved Wood & Hand Painted Madonna And Lamb Statue Rare
  393. Rare Antique 18th/19th c Chinese Carved Coral/Conch Shell Dragon Bracelet Bangle
  394. Rare ancient Egyptian lapis lazuli miniature carved figure of a scribe
  395. RARE Pre Columbian Mexico Aztec Carved Stone Skull Amulet ca. 1400-1600 AD #2
  397. Terrific Rare 19c Anglo Indian Hand Carved Antique Jewellery Box Fab Interior
  398. Vintage Antique Rare Pot
  399. Rarely Available Mid Century Modernist Brian Willsher Carved Wood Sculpture
  400. Very Rare Antique Carved Boxer Dog Cigar Holder Black Forest 1880 Glass Eyes
  401. Religious Antique Church tabernacle Wood carved neo gothic rare
  402. Rare and Beautiful Large Chinese Antique Shou-Shan Carving Quan-yin
  403. Exquisite Rare large Antique rocking horse extra carved on bow rocker
  404. Very Rare Anglo Indian Rosewood Carved Round Dining Table Elephant Carved Inlay
  405. Antique Burmese Carved Elephant Side Table
  406. RARE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTIQUE Egypt Scarab Carved Stone 1210 Bc
  408. Rare antique 18th C India Hand-Carved wood wrought iron Dowry Chest Box 1700's
  409. Rare Old Antique Chinese Carved HeTian White Jade 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
  410. Rare Antique 14k VICTORIAN Natural Salmon Carved CORAL Bacchus, Hand Bracelet
  411. Antique Inuit Eskimo Greenlandic Darkened Wood Hand Carved Dance Mask Rare! OOAK
  412. RARE Pair Chinese Xiaoye Zitan Hardwood Carved Low Back Arm Chair w No Mix Wood
  413. Antique Swiss 1910 Blackforest hand wood carved Eagle wall Mirror rare
  414. Antique 19th Century Wood Carving Of Acrobat On Pedestal
  415. Rare 18th Century French Walnut Renaissance Extending High Table Heavily Carved
  416. Rare Chinese Apple Green Pierce Beaver Carved Donut Jade Medallion Pendant
  417. Antique Rare 18th Century Indian Dowry Hand-Carved Wooden Chest Box
  419. Wall panel Door Wooden Panel Hand Carved Beam Antique Estate Home Decor Rare
  420. Antique Carved Parlor Kitchen Cottage Shelf Mantel Clock Rare NADIR 24 Hour Dial
  421. Rare antique 1920 wood carved Dragons gothic Griffin Wall mirror
  422. RARE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTIQUE Scarab Hieroglyphs Beetle Scarab Carved Stone Bc
  423. Decorative Canes From M S Rau Antiques
  424. Four beautiful Rare Antique Victorian Carved Chair Castors Seat dining
  425. Antique Carved Music Box
  426. Rare Ebony Carved Eastlake Victorian Double Gold Gilt Picture Frame 8 x 10
  427. Very Rare Antique 19th C Carved Wooden Racehorse & Jockey Shop Window Display
  428. Rare One Of Kind Antique solid Wooden Bench shabby chic
  429. Men Netsuke Noh Mask Hannya Japanese Ebony Wood Carved Strap Rare from Japan F/S
  430. Rare Pair Italian Tole Gold Gilt Wall Sconces Carved Wood Cherub Puttis
  431. Rare Libertys London 19th Century Hand Carved Mashrabiya Desk Mother Of Pearl
  432. Fine Art Elephant Wood Carving Big Heavy 17 Lb Sculpture Rare Antique Orig Asia
  433. Stunning Rare Fine Quality Edwardian Chinese Carved Ladies Cigarette Holder
  434. C 1870 Rare Antique Black Forest King Gambrinus Drinking Automaton WWW Blackforestclocks Org
  435. Antique Victorian Necklace Rare Carved Mother Of Pear Bridal Jewellery Gift Box
  436. RARE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ANTIQUE Scarab Carved Stone 1445-1210 Bc
  437. Rare Fine Quality Edwardian Chinese Dragon Carved Ladies Cigarette Holder
  438. Rare Antique Large Carved Rosary Child Jesus Cross
  439. Antique 18ct Gold Carved Coral Rare Etruscan Blackamoor Pendant Fob Charm
  440. Rare Chinese Market Crab Leg Duplex Pocket Watch With A Carved Movement C1875
  441. Antique Swiss Hand Carved Black Forest Tobacco Pipe, Rare Original Fitted Case
  442. Bookends with Gnomes black forest carving unique rare
  443. Rare Original Black Forest Bears Carved Wood Tantalus Table Decanter & Glasses
  444. Rare 19th C. Chinese Medicine Doll, carved laying nude figure
  445. Rare Antique German Black Forest Fox Wolf Head Mounted on Carved Wood Shield
  446. RARE Antique Art Deco HEAVY sterling silver Carved Shell Cameo men's ring sz 10
  447. Rare Antique Super Realistic Folk Art Carved Coconut Head Wearing Glasses c1920s
  448. Unique Rare Georgian Solid Silver Mounted Carved Clenching Hand Desk Wax Seal
  449. Antique XL religious church Black forest Wood carved wall crucifix 1880 Rare top
  450. Vintage German Karl Griesbaum Automation Wood Carved Whistler Lamp
  451. Rare 17th Century Oak Carved Silhouette Of A Lady. Panel
  452. Rare Pair 15th Century Antique Carved Oak Corbels Depicting the Devil & Sinner
  453. Rare, Unusual, Long, Antique Victorian 18 Ct Gold Carved Coral Cameo Earrings
  454. Amazing Rare Carved French Antique Rocaille Double Bed
  455. Rare Antique Aesthetic Eastlake Victorian Carved Gold Gilt Picture Frame 810
  456. Chess Set Bovine Bone Hand Carved Antique Vintage Complete Collectors Rare
  457. Rare Antique 19th Century Chinese Carved Circular Gaming Counter Box & Counters
  458. RARE URUSHINURI Carving NETSUKE 19thC Japanese Edo Antique for INRO F761
  459. Rare Old 19h Century Cinnabar Hand Carved White Lacquer Jewelry Jar Box
  460. Rare 16th Century English Carved Oak Church Angel Altar Panel
  461. Antique Victorian 1850s Scrimshaw Flower Carving 14k Yellow Gold Ring RARE
  462. Antique Black Forest Carved Wood Plaque-wood Carving-red Stag-antlers-deer-rare
  463. Charming Antique Black Forest Carved Bear Figure, Rare Desk Top Postal Scale
  464. Rare Antique Memento Mori Grand Tour Carved Marble Clasp Lovers Hands Sculpture
  465. Stunning Rare Victorian Carved Putti Gathering Grapes Solid Silver Snuff Box
  467. Antique Chinese Hard Stone Carved Miniature Snuff Bottle Cabinet, Chest, Rare
  468. Stunning Extremely Rare Fine Quality Georgian Carved Clenching Hand Fork 1800
  469. RARE ANTIQUE JAPANESE KASHIGATA Carved Wooden Cake Mold IKA Squid
  470. RARE Vintage Iron & Wood Scraper Hoe Antique Old Hand Carved Forged Tool 9387
  471. Antique ALABASTER BUST Of WOMAN Hand Carved Sculpture Beauty Lady Statue Rare
  473. Rare Antiques Of The D Day Invasion From M S Rau Antiques
  474. Antique Victorian Whitby Jet Rare Shaped Choker Necklace Carved Beads Goth
  475. RARE Pre Columbian Mexico Aztec Carved Green Stone Skull Amulet ca 1400-1600 AD
  476. Rare Black Forest Decanter Bear Accordion With Glasses Wood Carving Swiss
  477. Exceedingly Rare Antique Czech ART DECO Carved Alabaster Chandelier 1920's
  478. Rare Chinese Jade Seal Sold For 4 450 000 Usd
  479. Rare Napoleonic Prisoner Of War Hand Carved Ladies Leg Wafer Desk Seal
  480. Antique Chinese Mahogany Carved Silk 3 Slider Removable Panels Fire Screen, Rare
  481. Rare Antique Carved Coral 14k Tassle Gold Brooch Flower
  482. Traditional Balinese Wood Carving of Garuda Very Large 18.5 (47 cm) Rare 1900's
  483. Two Rare Antique 18th C Ex-museum Carved Wood Memento Mori Vanitas Fetal Skulls
  484. Rare Victorian 9ct Rose Gold Oval Carved Ring Chinese Scene Depicting Figures
  485. Rare Old Chinese Wise Man Hand Carved Soap Stone Statue
  486. Super Rare Large Wood Carving of Ravana from the Ramayana 19 Tall (48 cm) Nice
  487. French double Bed XV Baroc antique wooden hand carved mahogany rare statement
  488. Victorian French Double Bed Good Carving Very Rare Design
  489. German Black Forest 1960 Wood carved alps climber pendant chandelier rare
  490. Stunning Rare Georgian Solid Silver Mounted Carved Clenching Hand Desk Wax Seal
  491. Rare Chinese Silver Metal Intricate Pierce Carved Bird Celadon White Jade Box
  492. How To Identify Vintage Duck Decoys With Drew American Pickers Watch California Pickin
  493. Antique Vintage Rare ANRI Bacher wood carving Patron Saint St Francis statue
  494. Antique DALTON HYDROASH Cigar Stand Table. 2 Tier Carved Mahogany Ashtray. RARE
  495. ANTIQUE RARE Victorian carved Italy LAVA 18 Kt GOLD dangling drop CAMEO EARRINGS
  496. Rare Ancient GANDHARAN Carved Schist Relief Fragment of Marine Deities 200 BCE
  497. Rare Oriental Antique Wooden Hand-Carved Chaise Lounge / Daybed / Sofa / Settee
  498. Rare Fine Antique Chinese Duan InkStone Hand Carving InkSlab Marked
  499. Rare Large 15mm White Celadon Carved Jade And Cloisonne Bracelet
  500. RARE Antique Chinese Jade Carved Lion
  501. Rare Antique Cuckoo Clock By Johann Baptist Beha Model 116 WWW Blackforestclocks Org
  502. Rare German Hand Made Wood Carved Figures Set/ 7 Morisken Dancers 18k Gold Plate
  503. Rare Antique Victorian Harlequin Carved Light Red Walnut Set 6 Dining Chairs
  504. Rare Antique Victorian Coin Operated Music Box 1800s
  505. Rare Nice Floral Carving Design Small White Jade Paste Jar Box
  506. Art nouveau jugendstil wood carved Wall apothecary Kitchen spices cabinet rare
  507. Rare 1800s Carved Black Forest Sculpture, Cock Fight with Basket, Cigar or Cache
  508. Antique 19c Chinese Rosewood Hand Carved Rare Statue Of Immortal With Dragon
  509. RARE 17th / 18th Century Folk Art Tobacco Box & Tampers Carved Compendium
  510. Rare Stunning Antique 19th C Anglo Indian Carved Sandalwood Sewing Box Complete
  511. Rare Cloisonne Enamel Cinnabar Carved Floral Designed 63/4 Bowl
  512. Superb Rare Old Chinese Hand Carved Rose Wood Detailed Bamboo Stand 8 1/2 Width
  513. Large Rare Taoist God of Thunder Lei Gong (, Lei Kung) Wood carved Deity
  514. Rare Art Nouveau Newcomb Macklin Frame With Carved Butterfly Design C1900
  515. Rare Newcomb Macklin Art Nouveau Frame With Carved Butterfly Design C1900
  516. Antique 1850s Rare Victorian 14k Gold Peach Coral Brooch Pin Vintage Cameo Carve
  517. RARE Tom Taber Wood Carved Ringneck Pheasant Signed Early Decoy Sculpture Statue
  519. Rare Antique French 18th 19th Century Hand Carved Stone Memento Mori Skull
  520. Rare Asian Antique Belt buckle Vermeil Fine Hand Carved Celadon Jade Accented
  521. Antique carved oak desk box 17th century, rare dated 1696 William III PROVENANCE
  522. Extremely Rare Celtic Iron Age Carved Stone Totem Head Head Hunting Cult
  523. Large antique rare wooden hand carved Patron Saint St Apollonia statue figure
  524. RARE 19th Century LARGE Antique Carved French PEASANT ARMOIRE Old Cabinet France
  525. Extremely Rare Chinese Faux Red Lacquer Glaze Carved Double Gourd Porcelain Vase
  526. 310antiques Cameo Jewelry
  527. Rare Antique Beha Style Carved Black Forest Cuckoo Shelf Clock Case Only
  528. Rare Circa 1880 Japanese Hand Carved Writing Desk Ebonised Black Lacquer Chinese
  529. Rare Antique Chinese Bronze Feng Shui Lon Pon Compass, Intricate Carvings
  530. Old Fijian Ula Throwing Club Massive 19 Hand-carved Cannibalism Tribal War Rare
  531. Rare Large Old Cinnabar Carved Fire Dragons Lacquer Box Signed By Maker
  532. Vintage RARE String Puppet Marionette Carved Wooden SATYRE Adult Appendage 18
  533. An Extremely Rare and Nice Carved Agarwood/Chenxiangmu Brushpot, 17th-18th C
  534. Antique Rare 14k Japan Exquisite Carved Red Blood Momo Kwan Yin Coral Pendent Bb
  535. Rare Chinese Gilt Silver Cloisonne Repousse Enamel White Pixiu Carved Jade Box
  536. Rare Old Huge Chinese Carved White Dome Jade Metal Bronze Humidor Box
  537. Rare Antique Carved Deity Figural Table Burmese/Anglo Indian Hindu
  538. Huge 33 inch (84 cm) Rare Hardwood Carving Vishnu Being Carried by Garuda Bali
  539. A Rare Chinese Eastern Zhou Style Finely Carved Jade Pendant Huang
  540. Rare Antique Chinese Export Hand Carving Huge Two Celadon Jade Bird Statue
  541. 36,6 Rare Antique 19thc French Relic holder Saints Wood carved religious church
  542. Heavily Carved Antique Pine Firesurround Abacus St Julian
  543. Antique Folk Art Inmate Maine State Prison Hand Carved Jockey Horse 1920s RARE
  544. RARE Antique French 1700s Hand Carved Christ on 28.5 Altar Cross, 11 Figure
  545. Rare Quality Chinese 19th Cent Gilt Silver Filigree Carving Mother Of Pearl Set
  546. Stunning, Rare, Carved Wood, French Gilt Gold Lanterns, Rocco, Vintage
  548. Rare Large Chinese Carved Openwork Rotating Fencai Landscape Porcelain Vase
  549. Antique Stone Garden Water Fountain Outdoor Feature Hand Carved Stone Rare
  550. Beginning of 20th centur Landscape Carved Cinnabar Pair 2 Vase Vases Enamel RARE
  551. Rare 19th Century Burr Walnut & Bronze Ormolu Carved Empire Swan Chaise Lounge
  552. Rare Qing Dynasty Circa 1860 Heavy Hand Carved Elephant Chair Japanese Chinese
  553. Large 43 Rare Antique Hand Carved Wood Our Lady Mary Madonna & Jesus Statue
  554. Huge Rare Hand Carved Double Sided English Oak Edwardian Pedestal Desk Green Man
  555. Fine Rare Early 16th Century Carved Gothic Portrait Oak Coffer Chest. C1500-1550
  556. Superb Rare Large Chinese Eastern Han Carved Jade Food Vessel
  557. RARE French Antique Gothic Carved Wood Pediment Panel Griffin Dragon Centaur
  558. XL Rare Large Fine Antique Hand Carved Wood Patron Saint St John Apostle Statue
  559. Rare Antique 18th Carved Deep Red Coral Brooch Puti / Cherub / Angel
  560. RARE Pair Chinese Xiaoye Zitan Hardwood Carved Low Back Arm Chair w No Mix Wood
  561. Ming Dynasty Fine Rare Set Antique Chinese 4 Immortals carved Bamboo